The Alba Collection

This collection has been inspired by 'Alba' which is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland. I grew up speaking Gaelic in Scotland and visiting many gorgeous places across our beautiful country. Our fragrance names are in Gaelic to bring more knowledge and education about the language, learning a few new words is great for everyone! There will also be recommendations of places to visit in Scotland so you can get to know some of the extra special places the country has to offer.

Canach - Cotton Grass/Bog Cotton

Coille - Forest

Beinn - Mountain

Tràigh - Beach


Images that inspired this collection...

Interested in learning Gaelic?

Try these resources:

Learn Gaelic :

Duolingo : 


There is also BBC Alba where you can watch some Gaelic TV

BBC Alba can be found on the following channels:

Freeview (Scotland only): Channel 7

Sky: Channel 117 (Scotland); Channel 169 (Rest of UK)

Virgin Media: Channel 120 (Scotland); Channel 161 (Rest of UK)

Beaches on the Isle of Lewis that inspired the fragrance Tràigh:

Tràigh Mhòr, Dailbeag, Reef Beach, Gress Beach and Dalmore

Mountains to visit in Scotland:

Ben Lawers, Ben Ann, the Cuilen Ridge, Suilven, Ben Nevis and Ben Lomond

Woodland areas in Scotland to visit:

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park - Aberfoyle

Glen Finglas (Brig 'o' Turk)- Loch Lomond,

Carron Glen - Denny,

Lady's walk at Bowhill Estate - Selkirk

Scottish Music to listen to:

  • Calum's Road - Capercaillie

  • The Sands Of Kuwait - Face The West

  • Island - Peat and Diesel

  • Alba - Runrig

  • An Eala Bhan - Julie Fowlis

  • Rhythm of my heart - Runrig

  • Home on the Sea- Skipinnish

  • Maraiche - Niteworks

  • King Orfeo - Emily Smith

  • Ae Fond Kiss - Karen Matheson